Sunday, June 24, 2018

Fibonacci - Measured Move - ABC-XYZ


Non-lagging estimation of future range reversal points for thinkscript, complete with user manual. 

Example:  Shown here on live /YM futures chart where the 78.6% retracement holds for now.  We marked up the chart with drawings to point out our estimation of future range using the indicators' levels. The green MM-cloud is large which is telling us that price hasn't been orderly to the downside in recent history.  In our past testing this tells us the levels aren't as valid.  The clouds will focus again in future pivots when the chart achieves orderly price movement.  That is when we can be more confident in our estimation of future range and improve our trade decisions.  The /NQ chart below shows that alignment that makes for better framing.

Two scripts offered as a pair for a limited time at 20% off.

Fibonacci ABC-XYZ
Measured Move ABC-XYZ
both designed by B3

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Fibonacci, Measured Move & ABC Triangulation

What is ZigZag, Fibonacci, Measured Move & ABC Triangulation?  Not enough time to explain fully, so let's assume you know what a retracement is and how you get from points A to B and then retrace to C.  A measured move simply measures the distance the zigzag went the last 2 times in the same direction of the current measured move painting.  

We are developing a script for the store which may be our most powerful thinkscript yet.  The result is valid for various trading systems of many different people using the above concepts.  Our script will look at the ABC+MM action of 6 different periods and show you the alignment that comes into play, offering a big picture of price movement.  

Why try to find the one best set of ABC points that traders are using?  
Lets see how six sets of them line up!  

Here are some pics to preview:
Notice in the pic how many of the 6 sets line up to tell you a big picture story, which is what most people fail to see using ABC technology.  The market isn’t acutely trading per your chosen ABC, and it works more in a cluster of multiple interpretations of what "ABC" is.  So, the more ABC's you have up, the more you can see alignment.  Low and behold it becomes extremely value reversal information.  Also, note that if a line is crossed it is erased at that point forward and the bubble goes away.  If any of the sets are not valid or are complete duplicates of another, they are erased as well.

 Here is the page with 2 scripts currently for sale. :

Thursday, February 8, 2018

B3_BackTest Modeling

One of the keys to success in any indicator trading system is to know that your system is capable of achieving the proper profit goals you set.  Our backtest models are designed for use as indicators and show you the success of the indicator's base signaling, meaning not to be taken as literal trades.  The stats that result in a series of labels will tell you the recently made profit factor, payoff ratio, % profitable, as well as the averages and excursions.  If you change the amount of history in your chart, you increase/decrease the number of trades on the labels.  Most platforms have a strategy system intended to do this on a much higher level.  Our indicator based models are faster to the results and quicker to the eye.  However, you must manually setup and optimize your inputs for each chart.

The upper study shows the indicator and its stats in greater detail.  The lower study shows the running totals in a graph with different labeling detail.  You can set it to show the cumulative profit/loss, the averages, or the cumulative excursions.  You must manually align all the inputs to match the upper study's inputs if you are indeed pairing them.  The main benefit to the lower study's graph is that it will point out when in the chart the signals were increasing or decreasing in the fitness of results. Whereas the upper study's labels are all related to the final tally.  A full complement of these indicator signal backtest models will be available soon right here!  Since there are so many versions, package deals will be offered.  Don't forget we can code your entry and exit system into this indicator, just "contact us."

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Fibonacci / ATR / Pivot-Sup-Res Combination

In the oil market's huge run up, and like the indexes lately, retracements are hard to find.  So with that in mind, we see the "ATR_Breakeven" stop broke today amidst the resistance zone of "Support_Resistence_MTF," currently set at 6 month periods.  This combination shown with the "Autofib" gives you a reversal setup with targets.  The ATR and resistance zones give you the impression that the run has [at least] paused.  Again, retracements have been rough lately, but if they work this time, there is $3.00 per futures contract value to gain in the 23.6% retracement and $6.50 in the 38.2% retracement.  If crossed, "ATR_Breakeven" will tell you if another leg up is in the works.  Tread carefully, and remember this is just an example of how our scripts work. :) ~ post by B3

The SCRIPTaCHART company does not make calls or give advice on instruments in the market and aims to show no bias. Please accept B3's usage as a demonstration of using SCRIPTaCHART products, and not as reason to enter a trade.  SCRIPTaCHART and its affiliates are not responsible for any loss of capital.  Every trader should make their own trade decisions using personal judgement.  Thanks!

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Feedback from a Customer

We were pleased to receive a picture from a customer that is using and liking our scripts!  Here, this person is using our "AutoDraw TrendLines PriceLevels," "Fibonacci AutoDraw," "HL2MA-Turn," and "Directional Trend Index."  It is clean and has so much information packed in view, great work by them!  When the customer is happy with our charts, it energizes us to make more.

Prices in the store are still 10% off through February.  Feel free to contact us with any customization you are looking for in a script.  We are happy working with your scripts that did not originate with us, or if you like our scripts and want something added to them, no problem!  Just Contact Us!

Saturday, December 30, 2017


We at SCRIPTaCHART are working hard this weekend to get the store ready to launch on the first business day of 2018.  We have an introductory 12 indicators for sale priced at 10% off.  Look for additions to the catalog to be released here on our blog.

Go to this page to contact us with questions or requests once the store is open.

Thanks for your support!  ~ B3

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Extended Stochastics

A friend of mine was showing me some indicator he found, and looking at it gave me an idea. The idea was barely similar to his indicators, which were oscillators looking for reversals. Mostly, the idea is to have a stochastic indicator that can extend past 100 and 0. So I made the B3_ExtendoStochastic indicator. It will give you more of an idea of the strength or extreme-ness of the typical overbought and oversold signals of the traditional stochastic indicator. On top of the extension, my indicator also is multiple-time-frame (MTF) which allows you to use say the hourly stochastics on a five-minute chart.